SEO – Search Engine Optimization – How To & Tips

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – How To & Tips


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an important part of any website. WordPress is an excellent platform for creating web sites simply and immediately, without needing to be a GURU in HTML or CSS. With all its attributes, like integrated editor, internet search engine friendliness, as well as free plugins, it enables you the chance for developing an entire website in about each day!

Domain Name – many individuals do not realize how significant it is to get the right domain name. The right domain name includes the primary key words you need to rank for on the search engines. In case your site is about dog training, use names like DogTraining, or 

If possible, put it as close to the front as possible.

All-In One Search engine optimization – This plug-in enables you to edit the Title, Meta Description as well as Meta Keyword tags on your home page, as well as personal pages. Ultimate Noindex Nofollow – Some pages on your web site do not require to be indexed by the search engines. You need the search engines to concentrate on your primary pages, not on these unrelated pages. With this plug-in you may specify which pages may have the Nofollow and Noindex tickets.

Images – If you’re using graphics in your website, do not make the error of giving them generic names like Pic1.jpg, or Pic2.jpg, etc. 

Give the images meaningful names, utilizing the appropriate keywords in them. Jpg will assist the search engines determine what your web site is about. Anchor Text and Backlinks – The very backlinks your website has, the very popular it is, as well as the more it’ll be liked by the search engines. Backlinks are links pointing back to your web site from outside sources, like articles, other blogs or websites.

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