10 Intelligent Digital Marketing Tips

10 Intelligent Digital Marketing Tips


10 Intelligent Digital Marketing Tips to Promote Your Business

1- Email Marketing

Create consistent weekly Email campaigns using mail-chimp or constant contact. You could use your outlook express to send email out too. Do not overwhelm your email database by sending emails more then 2 times a week. Just be careful so you don’t find your self into a spam list.

2- Social Media

Keep your brand fresh with social media. Use Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and linkedIn to stay connected to people you know.

3- Design a State of the Art Website

Design and Develop a solid word-press or Magento website. The keys to create a solid website is to be in compliance with W3C Standards, to have an astonishing design, to have content that will inform your visitors about what you are offering.

4- Search Marketing

Search marketing is a big word nowadays. Building back-links, creating relevant content and using social media properly are vital points for a good SEO. Create sponsored link and banner ad campaigns is also a plus that will give you good visibility.

5- Businesses Directories

Creating business pages on Yelp, Google, Yahoo, and so on… helps to increase your business visibility online. Most of the time they are free to be built.

6- Optmize your Website

Optimizing your website plays a vital role in the online marketing puzzle. Make sure your h1, h2, caption, title, and authorship tags are filled up. Search engines don’t like when you don’t use them properly.

Create landing pages, blogs, and remember that by having a keyword rich website is also fundamental for your online marketing.

7- Create Promotions

Create smart promotions all the time. I love histories and here is one that really impressed me. This airline added in-flight internet for passengers. So they went in their Social Media started giving a way internet min if like or share their social-pages. This means that if you are buying a ticket to fly somewhere and you already have internet min from that particular airline, you are most likely to buy with them because you will be able to surf online. Besides that, they will get you used to using in-flight internet.

8- Create Good Content

Inform your customers about your produts, services, promotions, trends and Tips in a daily basis if possible. It cost nothing to write about it and publish them. Make sure you speak with your audience like you are talking to a baby and never be rude. Remember that there are several writing techniques that if you are not using them, you are loosing money! Use the Scare Tactic. A guy sold tons of gas masks after 9/11 by alerting people about the risk of a new incident. Write about a polemic subject such as abortion. Be an Asshole, just like the Dos Equis (beer) guy. Be funny! Making people laugh is one of the best techniques. Lead and write by expert power. Position your self as an expert on the subject.

9- Sell Your Products Online

Selling your products online will give a lot of visibility. Selling on your website is good but selling on Amazon, EBay using Paypal will give you a much greater visibility online.

10- Ask Questions to your Customers all the time

Create customer surveys all the time if possible. Use survey monkey or use social media to ask question questions about your customer service or products or anything else that may change the way you operate to benefit your customers. Sometimes The truth hurts. But it’s with those stones tossed on you that you will build your castle.

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