#1 E-Commerce Platform You Can’t Miss

#1 E-Commerce Platform You Can’t Miss


Number One E-Commerce Platform

Our eCommerce sites face drastic challenges on daily basis. From content development to inventory management or from website security to SEO, every eCommerce site deals with changes on the Internet frequently.

At Rio X Marketing we manage a variety of e-commerce sites ranging from women’ clotting stores such as magentacouture.com and maldivasbrasil.com.br, to more complex platforms such as travel agencies like kleostourism.com, guiabrasileiroportugal.com, blackhawksedans.com and globalreceptivo.com .
We stay in touch with to all 6-site owners on a daily basis and we know for a fact what their major weaknesses and strengths are. We know their major complaints and in most cases our job is to find solutions for those struggles, implement solutions quickly and monitor them 24hr a day. But what amazes us is that each one of this sites has its own particular challenges in certain ways and we must work around the clock to overcome this challenges with the right eCommerce platform.

Platform Selection and Shopping Cart

Before we start talking about the platforms we use, we must understand whom we are dealing with in here. These clients are all small business owners with limited resources operating on tight conditions where every dollar counts. Because of that we can begin with a motivational sentence that I always challenge them with… “Managing a business with a lot of money is easy. I want to see you manage it without a lot of money and still grow your business.”

About General E-Commerce Platforms:

Platforms such as WIX and Shopfy are fairly expensive compared to what they really offer. I firmly believe that if you can’t be found the investment is not worth. They are not concerned about SEO at all. All they want is to sell you on Google Ads and take your money away. They make it extremely hard for you to move away from them. Not to mention this thing about creating a website your self… Good luck with that!!! Seriously, you don’t have time to waste learning all those programing languages required to properly align and design your website, nor to spend a ton of money buying and learning new software, such as Photoshop, to create appealing images and graphics for it.

What platform they select and why?

That is a great question and great questions deserve great answers. WordPress is a one-stop solution for all small business owners. This platform is flexible and you can easily manage it your self. Here you will find 10 reasons why 99% of e-commerce owners are choosing WordPress.

1. WordPress is free and GoDaddy offers a free SSL certificate and a Free domain for the first year for as low as $29 a month when you buy a Linux Ultimate Hosting.

2. You can easily find and hire a developer for as low as $500 to build your store with 10 to 20 products.

3. Design Templates are available at low cost on Themeforest.net. Usually ranges from $49 to $79 and it can be customized for your visual identity.

4. You can integrate WooCommerce as a shopping cart with just a few clicks. And guess what? It’s free too.

5. 99% of the Plugins available for WordPress are Free. That includes SSL integration, Caching, SEO, Forms and so on…

6. Talking about SEO, when a Google engineer goes out in public and talks about a platform that integrates well with Google you must listen to it. WordPress can get you on Google’s First Pages and generate traffic at zero costs if you know what you are doing.

7. The biggest challenge is the security aspect. Would you put your credit card information into a random website? I don’t think so! That is the reason why WordPress easily integrates with Paypal and several other merchants if you really want process your credit cards your self. The next thing you must do is to make sure you harden WordPress security with All in One WP Security.

8. Make sure you purchase siteLock from GoDaddy. It will give you a badge that ensure users that your website is secure inspiring your clients to shop safely on your website.

9. You can easily manage content on WordPress and create a blog to interact with your customers. Having a blog is a must do nowadays and creating content to it has never been easier when you are using WordPress.

10. Conversion Rate Optimization is a big word nowadays and you must pay attention to it. EtailPro.com is doing a great job with their exit pop up strategy making it for an instant recommendation.

In conclusion, website owner that are not using WordPress as their primary option are loosing money. They are paying a really high price because of the lack of SEO efforts used on other eCommerce platforms.

Marcio Resende Resende
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